Private Coaching

Choose Coach Kate if you want a coach to;

  • personally share your running journey

  • provide you with targeted advice, discipline, encouragement and guidance

  • build your running from where you are now to where you dream to be, in a way that will help prevent injury

  • help you fit your running schedule into your busy work/family life

  • monitor your progress and adapt your plan regularly to reflect your improvements

  • share your enthusiasm, sweat, and tears… and celebrate your achievements!

  • includes an initial consultation, a monthly program provided online with feedback, weekly check-ins and monitoring/program adjustments, and advice as requested

Initial sign up is for a minimum of 3 months, and with the option of a Coach Kate shirt or singlet. Please contact Kate for more information.


For more information about any of the programs – how to get started, or what you need to achieve your goals,  just get in touch – I'm always happy to chat running!